The art of cheese-making
in the most beautiful region in the world:

There are stories...

There are stories that begin on the wings of two wheels. Stories of passion and ingenuity, family stories. Where others saw a bicycle, we saw a dream. It was 1946 when Sebastiano and Francesco Capurso, with their bicycles, went to collect milk on the farms of Gioia del Colle.

Today, with 2 factories covering a total of 21,500 square metres and 400 tonnes of milk processed every day, we have become a large group, present in the most important distribution chains around the world.

In love with our Murge

A profound pride binds us to the Murgia, our wonderful land with its untamed character. Set between the sky and endless pastures, unique for its rounded hills skilfully embroidered with the red brilliance of poppies.


When you work with the best milk in the world, you have a great opportunity as well as a great responsibility for creating products that live up to such excellent raw material. We do this with infinite love for the art of cheese-making, creating ‘fior di latte’, ‘knots’ and ‘braids’ with fragrances and flavours that become history.

We tell the story of Apulia. We pass on goodness.

We have always offered a wide range of cheeses, unique products that delight the senses and tell stories. Handmade using Apulian and 100% Italian milk, Gioiella products exalt the authentic flavour of the cheese-making tradition of Gioia del Colle in every mouthful. A vast assortment, enriched with organic and lactose-free specialities, so that everyone, but truly everyone, can enjoy the infinite goodness of our dairy products, the result of attention to every detail.

Together with the great Pizza Masters

We have entered the Horeca world to bring Gioiella’s quality and great tradition to professionals. Together with the Pizza Masters we are building a unique alchemy, capable of narrating a country that stands for know-how, enchantment, a wonder for the whole world. A commitment that fills us with pride every day.

Our certifications
are your safety

We believe that bringing you a product that is certified by the major food safety control organizations is proof of our ethical approach.

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